HD8G Dx-Pedition starts today!!!

2025 Galapagos Dx-Pedition


Grid: EI49UF
IOTA: SA - 004

WWFF: HCFF - 004

Grid Locator: EI49UF
Coordinates: 0° 75′ 47” S – 90° 31′ 05” W
IOTA: SA – 004                                     WWFF: HCFF – 004
23 ham radio operators will activate Galapagos from Apr 18th to 27th, 2025. The team is formed by HC5EP, HC5F, HC5RF, HC5VF, PY2DV, PY2EL, PY2MC, PY2PT, PY2WAS, PY4RGS, PY5CC, PY5EG, PY5HSD, PY5KD, PY6HD, PY6RT, PR7AB, PY7XC, PS8RV, PV8DX, R7KW, VU2RS and YT1AD.
There will be 7 work stations (1 work station dedicated to satellites and 1 work station dedicated to 6m, 24h) shared in 2 different sites located at Santa Cruz Island.
Our official advisors are NE8Z – Rick and OK1BOA – Petr, and this amazing logo was kindly prepared by I8KHC – Antonio.
We have the support of Araucaria DX Group, Guara DX Group, Mediterraneo DX Club and LABRE (Brazilian Amateur Ham Radio League).

Tim M0URX – QSL Manager

HD8G OQRS – click HERE!!!

OQRS just after Dxpedition:

Direct QSL card + LOTW (48 hours after dx-pedition): US$ 6.50

LOTW Express (48 hours after dx-pedition): US$ 2.50

Bureau (more than a year): free

Please, use the OQRS system to request your QSL. DO NOT send your QSL card direct or via bureau and for any information about missing calls/busted calls and not in the log use the “Not in the log”button.

Please, only online requests and log check (no emails).

Please, don’t send email for team members about log and confirmation (only OQRS system).

Please, don’t send questions about log to our general email.

QSOs will be uploaded to LOTW 12 months after the end of this dx-pedition.

In exceptional basis, QSL mailed to QSL manager:

US$ 5.00 or 5 Euro (paper QSL + LOTW) – only HD8G requests

Tim Beaumont M0URX
83 Limbrick Avenue
Tile Hill
Coventry West Midlands

Please include a Self-Addressed Envelope
NO coins of any country
NO postage stamps accepted

Confirmation requests received with insufficient funds will be returned via Bureau, no exceptions.

Those resources will be used to cover the QSL and Log check services and offset a few dx-pedition costs.

HD8G - Location - Santa Cruz Island
HD8G - Location - Santa Cruz Island

Charles Darwin’s voyage to the Galapagos Islands was a pivotal part of his journey aboard the HMS Beagle, which ultimately influenced his groundbreaking work on the theory of evolution. Here are some detailed highlights of his expedition:

Darwin’s experiences and collections from the Galapagos and other parts of the voyage were instrumental in the development of his theory of natural selection, which he later published in his famous work, “On the Origin of Species”. The Galapagos Islands, with their diverse and unique ecosystems, provided Darwin with a living laboratory to observe and formulate his ideas on evolution and natural selection1.

You may contact us sending your e-mail to [email protected] .

Please, bear in mind that any detail related to QSOs, missed QSOs, QSLs and log related issues must be addressed to Tim, M0URX.

Eventual donations equal or higher than US$ 10.00 (ten American dollars) will be kindly accepted and the donors will be benefited with the shipping of the QSL card and QSOs uploaded to LOTW immediately after the end of the dx-pedition.

All revenues will be used to offset logistics to Galapagos.

Please, if you will donate US$ 10.00 (ten American dollars) or higher, fill the form below with your data, so that the paper QSL may be addressed to to you by mail and click the Paypal Donation button below: 

The Paypal button will be available soon. 


Press Release # 5 (July, 3rd, 2024)

Unluckly, PY3MM – Miguel and PY8WW – Renato left the team by professional reasons. On the other hand, we are pleased to announce that R7KW – Serge Shalya joined the team and he will be especially fostering the CW skills of the team. 73, 2025 Galapagos Dx-Pedition Team

Press Release # 4 (June, 24th, 2024)

We are pleased to announce that PY5EG – Atilano Oms joined the team. He is the 24th member and will be a co-leader contributing with his solid experience with the entire team. He will definitely add value to this dx-pedition and renew our energy and enthusiasm towards our targets in Galapagos. 73, 2025 Galapagos Dx-pedition Team

Press Release # 3 (June 12th, 2024)

We have 2 reasons to be happy today.  First of all, our colleague PY8WW – Renato was able to negotiate in his company the conflict of dates and rejoined the team as an active member to launch HD8G in Apr/2025. In addition, we announce 3 new members from Ecuador: HC5EP – Esteban, HC5F – Francisco and HC5RF – Ruben. We welcome all of them and they will certainly add value to the team. Finally, our member PS8RV is the WWFF representative in Brazil, and he reminds all of us that QSOs with HD8G will count for the WWFF awards as HCFF-0004. Valid operations for WWFF may be looked at 73, 2025 Galapagos Dx-pedition Team

Press Release # 2 (June 7th, 2024)

We are pleased to announce that HC5VF – Fausto and YT1AD – Hrane joined the team. On the other hand, unfortunately, PY8WW – Renato had to leave the team because of work conflict next year. Now, we are 19 ops and we move foward towards a great dx-pedition in 2025. 73, 2025 Galapagos Dx-pedition Team

Press Release # 1 (May 20th, 2024)

2025 Galapagos Dx-Pedition

We are honored to announce a dx-pedition to Galapagos Islands from Apr 18th to 27th, 2025. Although we are still discussing the number of stations, we may confirm that there will be 17 ops from Brazil and 1 op from India. We wish to work all bands from 6m to 160m + satellite (although we will be on the edge), as well as SSB, CW, RTTY, FT8 and FT4. We face many obstacles, such as accommodation for all the team, considering that Galapagos has a wide number of hotels, but with a few number of rooms. We would appreciate to thank all the valuable tips provided by WB2REM – Jim and EA5RM – Tony. In addition, we would like to clarify that this dx-pedition could not advance so quickly without the kindness and efforts by our advisors NE8Z / HC1MD – Rick, who has been providing us all logistics support to enable our operation in the island and OK1BOA – Petr, who has just returned from A8OK and has been sharing with us the good practices from the amazing czech team performance. Our definitive call sign and additional details. We intend to make available clublog livestream and our website will be launched in the following days. 73, 2025 Galapagos Dx-Pedition Team